Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive the benefits of CharityAd ?
Any entity that is working in favor of charity, humain rights or freedom of speech and recognized as such by trusted entities can ask to be added.

Can I choose where the money is going ?
You will later be able to choose which entities your action will go to.

How much money will be distributed ?
At the beginning of the project, 50% will go to finance the project and 50% will go to NGOs.
Percent going to NGOs will increase whith more people using CharityAd (operating costs will represent less and less to the total) and we think it can go up to 90% at least.

How does it work ?
When you surf on internet, some advertisings will be replaced by advertising managed by us. Thus, we will collect some money we can share between NGOs.

Will I need to pay something ?
No. Everything you need to do is to install the plugin and you do a good deed.

Will webmasters suffer from this ?
The plugin will not replace all advertisings and only a small percent of people will use it, so, webmasters wont be affected.
If it becomes a real problem, the plugin will be updated to replace less advertisings.